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WELCOME to tree climb connecticut, llc.

Tree Climb Connecticut takes full advantage of the beautiful state and county parks that Connecticut is known for while providing classroom training in a convenient centralized location. 

Located in Coventry and Manchester Connecticut just a few miles outside of the Greater Hartford area. Tree Climb Connecticut provides a unique climbing area with excellent tall trees and forest are containing  Maple, Oak , Ash and Pine. 

We offer both Adventure Climbs and also complete classes for both Recreational Climbers and for Tree Workers and Arborists. All students are taught how to recognize and report the invasive species that threaten our trees such as the Asian Long Horn Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer.

Mike is a certified NETC Instructor,  with years of experience as a guide, outdoorsman and is a enthusiastic instructor.


The class is for those who wish to learn about the sport itself and be able to climb on their own.  The class lasts 1 ½ days and special arrangements can often be made if the posted schedule is not convenient. The first day starts off with the basic lessons about safety and technique and then after a climb in trees already set, it’s off to learn more about how to select the proper trees; how to throw and set the ropes; what sort of ropes and other equipment is needed; how to tie the proper knots etc.  The afternoon is spent practicing and the student is then sent home with some rope to practice on (sort of homework…but fun). 
The next morning, you get to use everything you learned, selecting the tree, throwing and setting the ropes and then tying the knots….then you climb the tree you prepared. We also go over the various equipment that is available throughout the arborist industry.  All equipment is supplied .

Upon course completion a certification card and certificate is issued.  Recreational Tree Climbing  $280 single or $250 per person for you and a friend. Email or call to verify availability (860)918-0415 , then make reservations under our Classes link.


This is the perfect morning or afternoon in the outdoors for those age 7- 70 who want the experience without learning all the knots. the ropes are already positioned in the trees. The knots are tied and tested before you "hook on". After being fitted with your "saddle" and some short instruction on safety and climbing techniques, you are off and climbing! Call for daily availability -$60.00. Children under 10 climbing with an adult or group are $30.00.


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This class is for tree workers who want to “learn the ropes and get off the ground”. During the 1 ½ day class we teach both the Double and Single rope techniques plus demonstrate many of the new climbing devices available. You will learn to install the ropes in the trees, tie and use more than 5 climbing knots and ascend and descend both with the knots but also with ascenders , descenders and the latest gear to hit the industry. You can expect to do 6-10 climbs during the day and a half class. The class does not teach tree working, or the use of climbing spikes which are used only during tree removal. All equipment is supplied.

Upon course completion a certification card and certificate is issued.  Price $280 single or $250 per person for you and a friend. Email or call to verify availability (860) 918-0415 then make reservations under our Classes link.


  • February 8-9
  • March 15-16, 29-30
  • April 12-13, 26-27
  • May 17-18, May 31-Jun 1
  • June 14-15
  • July 12-13, 26-27
  • August 16-17
  • September 13-14, 27-28
  • October 11-12,  25-26
  • November 8-9
  • December 6-7




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